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Solutions in aluminum, safety barriers, fire escape stairs and maintenance walkways

Solutions in aluminum, safety barriers, fire stairs, walkways in aluminum

Tecno Design: Solutions in aluminum

Tecno Design Engineering was founded in 1983 by Gabriele Crotti and Antonello Santini as an engineering company operating in the nuclear, chemical, petrochemical, paper and industrial fields.

Over time Tecno Design has developed and designed its own product range used as machine components and as fabricated industrial structures. Today manufacturing takes place at the company’s modern 30,000 square foot facility at Lurate Caccivio, near Como in Italy.

The choice was made to work with light Aluminum alloys (BS 1474 ) in order to exploit the significant advantages that these have over traditional metals, such as steel.

Tecno Design  objective is to be a global leader in aluminum solutions with the purpose of reaching and protecting every part of your equipment, building, factory, facility or production line in full compliance with the most demanding regulations.

Tecno Design gets the authorization from Italian Public Works Minister
Installation of new bridge


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